The UK Picture Editors' Guild

The UK Picture Editors' Guild has been established in 1977 and is formed of picture editors from the picture desks of the national press, regional newspapers, international press agencies and domestic photo agencies.

The founding members, Paddy Hicks of the Press Association, Stuart Boyd of The Scotsman and Peter Woodman of the Newcastle Chronicle, felt there was a need for people in the same profession to have a forum in which they could share their thoughts.

It was acknowledged that there were common issues that could often find common solutions and sharing the problems with others meant that they could often be solved.

The needs that created the Guild in the past are still with us in the present and likely to be with us in the future.

The Guild encourages and is a supporter of fine photography and its members are involved in judging competitions throughout the World.

The Guild welcomes new members.

In recent years (in fact since 2010) the annual UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards have sought to find Britain's most talented photographers and videojournalists.

The UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards recognise outstanding photography from the world of news, royalty, sport, business, fashion and entertainment. Winners receive prizes from well known sponsors at the annual Awards event, which takes place in London.

The Awards have been described as "... the only one of their kind to recognise and honour the talented professionals behind the lens, operating in the most dynamic and competitive media in the world."

All the images at the top of this page are from previous winners.

Find out more from The UK Picture Editors' Guild Awards website.

How it all Started

Inaugural Meeting, Picture Editors' Guild, Small Boardroom, Press Association, Monday December 5th 1977

A meeting convened by Stewart Boyd, Picture editor of "The Scotsman" discussed the setting-up of a body whose membership would be open to "anyone involved in photo management for the media" with the object "to provide a forum to further communication between members for the betterment of photographic services in the media".

It was agreed that the registration fee (pending the fixing of a full subscription) would be £1 per head, and that the next meeting, at which it was hoped a greater number of picture editors would attend, has been fixed for Thursday March 16, 1978 when the group will be the guests of British Petroleum in London.

  • Stewart Boyd was elected Chairman
  • Ron Weaver was elected Secretary
  • Eddie Bissell is Interim Treasurer

Original Members

Member Publication Rôle
Stewart J BoydThe ScotsmanChairman
Ron WeaverExpress & StarSecretary
Eddie BissellThe Birmingham PostTreasurer
Peter AbbeyUnited Newspapers
Charles BarrPhotographic Manager, P.A.I.D
G Keith BlountPicture Editor, Glasgow Herald & Evening Times
John G GillManchester Evening News
Ray HoyleWest Lancs. Evening Gazette
Paddy HicksPicture News Editor, Press Association
Norman MillerBristol Evening Post
R E MakinP.A. Photos, Pic. Desk
Graham S MilloyStills Manager, BBC TV News
Harry M ParkerPicture Editor, Sheffield Newspapers Ltd
Eric PothecaryPA Photos
Trevor RobertsPicture Editor, Birmingham Evening Mail
Peter WoodmanChronicle and Journal
The Guild had as its aims "to further communication between members for the betterment of photographic services in the media."

From the outset it has deliberately avoided falling into the trap of over-formality, believing that two meetings a year (generally one in London and one elsewhere in Britain) provide Picture Editors with additional information on a wide range of relevant products and topics that they would not otherwise easily acquire.

Perhaps the greatest good for members is the opportunity to meet others in the profession; to make friendly contacts which are of inestimable use; and to exchange news and views.

The Guild is non-political and is not a Trade Union. Membership is open to Picture Editors and their Deputies (by whatever title they may be known) always provided that they are the persons who direct and organise the taking and commissioning of pictures for use in the media.

As administration costs are minimal there are no fancy fees to consider. You are warmly invited to join